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Personal Training

In Guernsey, personal Training is a well-established and proven service that aids many people to achieve their goals. Our Trainers provide a personalised service that helps keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals, all within a welcoming, friendly and safe environment. Whatever your training goals and requirements may be, we have everything you need to achieve them. As well as the wealth of facilities on offer to members we also have an excellent team of Personal Trainers who can help you design a program which is sufficient to enable you to reach your goals. Find out more about our Personal Trainers below:

    • Jordan Burtenshaw

      Jordan Burtenshaw


      CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
      CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
      CYQ Nutritional Advisor

      Jordan believes personal training is the best way for an individual to stay on track with training and to get the results they want. He has good knowledge of both cardiovascular and resistance training workouts to keep the body guessing. Jordan believes in "training smart" to get the best results for muscle growth, fat reduction or weight loss. Whether it's building muscle, losing weight or becoming fitter, Jordan can help you get the results you want.

      Contact details
      01481 721 818 | jordan.burtenshaw@kings.gg

    • Luc Mansell

      Luc Mansell


      Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
      Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
      Active IQ Nutritional Advisor

      Luc believes that in order for an exercise programme to be effective, you have to ensure it is enjoyable, progressive, challenging and well structured. He believes that variety is the key, changing what you do in the gym regularly in order to keep challenging yourself and keep the programme exciting.

      Contact details
      01481 721 818 | luc.mansell@marina.gg

    • Niall Hollingworth

      Niall Hollingworth


      Level 2 Fitness Instructor
      Level 3 Personal Trainer
      Studio Cycling Instructor
      Circuit Training Instructor
      Gym-based Boxing Instructor

      Niall has recently moved to Guernsey, having worked for Pure Gym in Manchester and Stockport for a number of years as a Personal Trainer. He is passionate about helping people to get to the goals they want and to then set new ones as part of a continuous improvement programme.

      “The main reason I became a Personal Trainer was to help people learn and improve. Being fit and healthy is not just about changing the body and reaching your goals, it’s also about learning how your body works and eating the right foods to form the foundation of your fitness success too.”

      Whatever your health and fitness goals are, Niall can keep you focussed and on track to help you to achieve them.

      Contact Details

      01481 721818 | niall.hollingworth@marina.gg